100 word challenge

Giraffe pink sang painful dusty

Once upon a time their lived a Giraffe who lived beside a baboon with a pink bum .Each night the pink bummed baboon sang to the stars and moon, it was a painful sound but the Giaffe was very polite and never said a word about the baboon ‘s painful singing.Soon the baboon went to sleep and the Giraffe tried to as well  ,but seeing that the Giraffe was a was a  huge aminal and his pen was full with dusty old furniture  the Giraffe slept outside as he always did and fell asleep quickly.

Where I’m From

                    Where I’m From

                                  (   inspired by George Ella Lyon   )


   I am from the flowing icy creeks that race the wind

   I am from lush,green paddocks 

   I am from the endless calls of calves in spring


  I am from family fun at the lakes 

  From BBQs

  I am from “ Come and help “ to “Tess the troublemaker “

  From shrieks of laughter at the pontoon


   I am from songs and family reunions

   From sunny days and hot,long nights

   I am from running in tall,dry reeds

  From long,wet ‘Bunch O Ballon’ fights


I am from sprinklers and trampolines

From pavlova and cheesecake at christmas 

I am from fun and happiness

From movies and dreams 


I am from new zealand and i am proud.

By tessa strachan

My favourite Childhood memory

Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools and Spa. Hanmer – South Island – New Zealand.

Hello ,

My name is Tessa and my favourite childhood memory is when my cousins Amelia and Hazel , their parents Paige and Richard ,my family and I to HAMMER SPRINGS !!!

We rented out a two storey house .Amelia and I wanted to share a bedroom but our Mums said we would never get any sleep. Our holiday house was qiute close to the pools so we went in the moring and in the evening .

We went for a long walk up to a plaform and took some photos , went for long bike rides and when it got dark we watched movies or  played spotlight .

Any way it was super fun and I would recomend it to anyone give it a  go one day your sure to love it.

By Tessa Strachan 🙂

Welcome to my world !!

Hello ,

My name is Tessa Strachan and I live in New Zealand  in the North Otago district near a small village called Duntroon.

My age is 10 years old and have two sisters one is called Olivia who is 7 and Lauren who is 5 , my mum and dad  are 39 and mum’s 2 months older. I have 2 cats called Chase and Patch ,two dogs called Jess and Meg. My grandfather Al has me riding a chestnut mare called Izzy , but my grandmother  sandy says I have to be SUPER CAREFUL!!

Likes are : swimming ,biking, netball, hockey, horses, mammals ,the lake ,beach and rivers,reading novels and writing.

Hobbies are : riding,reading,bike riding, swimming, climbing, shopping.

My favourite animal is a turtle.



And that is all about me.