Welcome to my world !!

Hello ,

My name is Tessa Strachan and I live in New Zealand  in the North Otago district near a small village called Duntroon.

My age is 10 years old and have two sisters one is called Olivia who is 7 and Lauren who is 5 , my mum and dad  are 39 and mum’s 2 months older. I have 2 cats called Chase and Patch ,two dogs called Jess and Meg. My grandfather Al has me riding a chestnut mare called Izzy , but my grandmother  sandy says I have to be SUPER CAREFUL!!

Likes are : swimming ,biking, netball, hockey, horses, mammals ,the lake ,beach and rivers,reading novels and writing.

Hobbies are : riding,reading,bike riding, swimming, climbing, shopping.

My favourite animal is a turtle.



And that is all about me.




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