My Avatar

I’ve chosen this avatar because it looks me with blonde hair and blue eyes, (it’s only missing a 

darker shade of hair and tanner skin ) but other than that it really represents me with the right shy look and sweet smile.The only thing I wanted to change with my last two images was the fact that they didn’t really show who I was . I had picked these before because I love Comedy that Tom and Jerry showed and I love swimming . But my third choice is my final and favorite ! 🙂

1st      choice                                                        2nd choice

                          3rd and final choice




The time I had to use perseverance was when I started riding my grandfather’s new pony Izzy ,a wee chestnut mare.She was a little sacred of us,so Al and I had to be careful when we went near her .Evidently she started to trust me and allowing me to sit on her back before running of to the other horses.

Soon Al saddled her up and I hopped on her back it took a minute for her to get used to my weight on her back and then she started to walk but she won’t  listen to my commands so I had to keep trying by leading her through the

My Favourite Book :)

Cat Royal stories are the best in my opinion.They are stories about a young orphan girl who lived in London,Drury Lane in the 1800s. Written by Julia Golding it tells you countless adventures of Cat and and friends;Frank the son of the Duke of Avon,Lizzie the daughter of the Duke of Avon,Pedro a escaped African slave ,Syd the son of a butcher and his gang the butchers boys and Cats favourite enemy Billy Shepard or Billy Boil.Come on a new and thrilling adventures with Cat and her friends around the theatre.Get the hole series and see if Cat will ever find her real family ? Read and find out.