My Amazing Weekend

A weekend is a slice of heaven  I think we can all agree but the first weekend out of lock down was more than that it was freedom .

Amelia my cousin on Saturday  came with her dad to go duck shooting and got bored so came to spend the day with us.
Mum gave us her phone and we played music while we did cartwheels.

After we played outside we watched a movie called Bandit a cool movie about a dog, mind you it was a bit sad and scary.

After the movie we went to the pub and had dinner then went home .


On Sunday we watched Dr Dolittle 2 and then went to the Deep Stream Walk Way and saw 6 Wallabies and 9 trout witch was really cool.


Being back at school ;D

Started school, on the 18th of the 5th and was soooo siked  to see my friends and teacher ever since,  after our teacher saw how well, we organised ourselves and now she just has to write what we are supposed to do for the day and we just do it in our own order.Like I might do my maths first and then reading while someone else  might do their reading first and then maths. As well as new rules like putting on hand sanitizer on when we walk in and out of the class .And no high fives,hand shake or hugs but we  still have fun by doing cartwheels,races and sport ,so is it different ? Yes ,but it’s still fun. ;D



100 word challenge

I stuff the papers and clothes into my duffel bag ,” Hurry up Johanna they be at our door stop soon.” After packing enough clothed for a month and stuffing all the letters from Dr.Drake in to we heard a knock at the door.” Open it Jo say what do you want and that stuff I’ll grab our money and passports and as soon as their gone we’ll go OK.” “fine.” “OPEN UP!!!!!”called someone.While Jo went to talk to the police and  accuse the neighbours I went up stairs grabbed our money tickets and passports and we  disappeared into the night…