By Tessa Strachan 


If I could go to any country I would go to Canada.

I’d go to Canada to see some of the most beautiful views in the world.My number 1 place to go to is Niagara Falls to see the beautiful view.I would also love to see the stunning Jasper National Park. I want to go to Jasper National Park to do all the different walks and do all the awesome activities.The reasons I want to go to Niagara Falls is because it is an awesome natural attraction and you can see many more things on the boat ride there.I would also love to go to;Mont-Tremblant,Okanagan Valley,White Horse,Toronto,Cape Breton Highlands National Park,Gros Morne National Park,Victoria and Vancouver Island,Quebec city Vancouver and Banff.



My awsome holiday :p


My Awesome Holiday


“Amelia the water is NOT warm you lair !!”I yelled at the indoor Oamaru pool.I had just made the supid decision to trust my cousin and dive head first into the icy water of the Oamaru pool. And when I pulled  myself up I got pushed back in again .


Yes the first week of MY holiday was full with swimming with my sneaky cousin Amelia you can visit her at https://ameliawills20.edublogs.orghttps://


After the first 3 days of the week Amelia and I went to the Oamaru squash and badminton  courts to learn how to play squash in the morning from  10am -12pm and went swimming at 12:15 pm again.


Saturday was normal sleep in till 9am and watch movies but sunday was special,’cause we went to the bowling alley  to play laser tag and then went to scouts brewery for pizza 😛 yum .And went to Amelia’s for dinner and had massive ice cream sundays .


The next week was pretty boring we went for a bike ride to the river and had a picnic and that was all until thursday when I went with Amelia and Isla to a 5 hour netball session .On friday Amelia was sick so I when with Isla and her nan and got 3 prizes at prize giving yay!! And well that was my Awesome holiday .

term review

Term 2 is over!!!!!!! time to have fun!!!!!!!!!!! I’m gonna miss school though, here’s a review of what we did this term.

This term we learnt about our water cycle ( fun fact did you know that the water u brush your teeth with, a Dino could have drunk 26 million years ago !!!),we learnt about the different types of clouds such as ,nimbostratus,cirrostratus and alto stratus. We also learnt about fractions,how to speak and count in Maori and a lot more. I am really happy with the improvements I have made this term to ,I will really miss room 1   !1 thing I want to do these school holidays is snow skiing !!!!!!!!!!!