Last week

Last week

Last week the year 7 and 8s went to OIS for tech,leaving us the year 6s alone at school.But we had lots of fun,we helped the room 4& with the electrical circuits  kits and did lots of baking and cooking.There were 4 different groups which we cooked in.I was with my bff and cousin Amelia you can check her blog out at made a family fav MELTING MOMENTS and we gave the icing a yummy raspberry taste with red and blue food coloring.On wednesday we also made nachos and when we were chopping onions I was crying my eyes  out but the nachos at the end were yum!!


100 word challenge week 47

The well was frozen and there was not much water in the little village of Evergreen.We have spent months digging at the ice with ; shoves,axes,hammers and so much more but nothing works.We still have our stream near the edge of the village which separates our village from the 2,500  acres of forest. All the children are excited bouncing around in their striped school uniforms except me.This is bad and I know it .The ice is strange, it’s almost impossible to break it, all the tools  bounce off like the ice is rubber, something is wrong and I’m gonna find out what…

Parent teacher conference

A parent teacher conference is so nerve racking. I myself find it quite scary and tend to freak out because I never know what the teacher is going to say about me and my learning but it’s not really that bad.Some of you may be wondering what a parent teacher conference is well it’s basically when a teacher talks to your parents about your learning.But I was really happy with my report at the end.

BBQ at the fire station :)

BBQ at the Fire station

On Saturday the 2nd of April.My family and I went to the Duntroon fire station for a BBQ and saw  2 of my friends Emily and Amelia.  We listened to music,ate chips and lollies and drank fizzy drinks. It was sooo fun! The best bit was when Scot took us for a ride in the fire truck twice ! The first time we went for a ride we weren’t allowed to have the siren on but then the chief of the fire station said that we had to go again but with the siren on and it was sooo cool and lots and lots of fun. We only got home at least 10:30 pm.It was awsome !!