100 word challenge week 47

The well was frozen and there was not much water in the little village of Evergreen.We have spent months digging at the ice with ; shoves,axes,hammers and so much more but nothing works.We still have our stream near the edge of the village which separates our village from the 2,500Β  acres of forest. All the children are excited bouncing around in their striped school uniforms except me.This is bad and I know it .The ice is strange, it’s almost impossible to break it, all the toolsΒ  bounce off like the ice is rubber, something is wrong and I’m gonna find out what…

2 thoughts on “100 word challenge week 47”

  1. Kia ora Tessa.
    I really like your story because you have managed to include an air of intensity through your description of the situation. It made me visualise somewhere like Siberia maybe – well done!
    I was keen to read your page about you, but found it VERY difficult because of the writing on the starry background. Maybe you might consider changing this so that people from all over the world can find out more about you.
    If you get a chance, I would love you and your class to visit our blog (we are in North Canterbury) sometime soon. https://rakau19.edublogs.org/
    Ms M #100WC

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