100 WC

The water he drank was a strange murky color it was all we could have had.We told him to boil it but once again he didn’t listen now he was lying in the corner clutching his stomach.This wasn’t the first time he felt really ill. About two years ago he ate a deadly grub and was vomiting for 5 days ,another time he didn’t cook the   beans and had a fever. This time he was at his worst.The doctor took 2 days to get here but even then he said the Francis might not make it , as he drew what could have been his last breath. 

Tech week

Tech Week

By Tessa Strachan


Last week the  year Eights and Sevens went to tech .Leaving the year sixes to do lots of fun activities  . On Monday we started to learn about coding.I loved doing scratch it was super fun,but my favourite thing was definitely gymnastics because I maged to jump perfectly up onto the vault and did a awesome cartwheel !

Meerkat Rugby!!

It was a hot sunny afternoon in the dry savanna. Diana the only female meerkat on the team woke up to check on their special pomegranate rugby ball.She clambers over the body of her smelly male teammates, pokes her head through the crack in the rocks and scurries out to the tree where their  sacred fruit is  growing  .It was finally time for the fruit to be picked, Diana was thrilled.The whole team  was,they were the only meerkat rugby team in the savanna and they could never lose with their special ball. They stared up at it lovingly . 


Then a large shadow sprawled across the ground, the meerkats recoiled in shock, Shadow the Vultures Team Captain had come for an early visit. He landed above the meerkat’s fruit and then in the blink of an eye he was gone with the fruit clutched in his scaly talons . 


Diana sprinted after Shadow, she was determined to get back the fruit. She shot a quick glance behind her and saw the rest of the team in pursuit. They were hot on Shadow’s tail feathers. The team’’s left lock jumped up and clasped the sweet pink fruit in his miniscule claws and held on for his life only to receive a  blow to the head and he was soon on the ground with a splitting headache.


After seeing their left lock take such a blow ,Diana called for a meerkat chain so they could reach Shadow’s talons and climb on. It works but the meerkats are soon thrown up into the air.They scramble around passing the fruit around. Shadow makes a quick intercept but fumbles it and the fruit plummets to the ground. Shadow folds his wings close to his sides and dives for the fruit while the meerkats plummet to the earth.


Shadow looks behind him and sees the Meerkats fall,he starts to laugh. All of a sudden something small and hard falls on his back followed by 2 more and then 3 ,then 4 then 5 until the whole Meerkat team are standing on his back in a perfect pyramid.With a sharp turn the Meerkats tumble off.Shadow laughs … SPLAT!!! Shadow had flown right into the face of a jagged cliff.The fruit is released from the bird’s grip and tumbles down to the earth.


Diana jumps forth to catch the fruit,it lands perfectly in her paws.With a small squeal of excitement she passes the ball through the hands of her fellow teammates and then dropkicks the fruit through the goal post and the fruit smashes into tiny pieces.


By Tessa


Camp writing

I jump in the salt water, burns my eyes and rushes down my throat. It’s low tide. I’m clambering over the barnacle encrusted rocks and jumping over cold salty pools full of mussels,sea urchins and things that scuttle over rocks. Seaweed  threatening  to pull me under. My group and we soon reach a large pool warmed by the sun now setting in the east .We stay in the large pool for about 15 minutes mucking around playing with seaweed after a while we dive off shark fin  rock to swim to an island and clamber over the slimy seaweed to reach the small island made of large rocks. As fast as an  electronic cold current shoots through me I have jumped off Papa Bear . Sorry there’s no photo we were in the water.