Term 1 review ! ;)

Today is the 4th last day of Term 1 and I’m blogging about what we did this term.

There were many fun things that we did this Term  and many that I enjoyed such as , Touch, I love touch it is one of the sports I doubt I could live without. I also love going to Tech at O.I.S for the first time ever ! 

The thing I loved the most  overall the fun things we did this term would have to be ; Maths,Writing ,Reading ,Touch, Swimming sports and Hundreds club.

I thought of maths because I love solving area and measurement problems in maths and have enjoyed starting to learn about volume . 

Writing is also a thing I liked this term, I have always loved being able to write what I think down and share my Ideas with others.

I can not put sports down the list of things I enjoyed.I love touch. It’s a fun game and an opportunity to make friends from other schools. While the limelight is on sports at the moment I also enjoyed participating in the Upper Waitaki Swimming sports and going through to the North Otago swimming sports and who can forget the dun games we play or P.E ( Physical Education ) . And how can we forget the legendary reading where I learned  how to blog which was really quite fun.  

I think that my learning has progressed and has improved over the last term. I have understood more than I thought that I would .

As for the stuff I found difficult that takes up about 75% of the activities I partook in this term and as for things I did not like, there is no such thing .   

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  1. What a wonderful positive attitude you have to learning Tessa. This is just one of the reasons that you have made so much progress already. Keep it up.

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