100wc # Week 4

I had dug at this bone dry dirt until my knuckles bled, my family and I needed water and the little water we were given daily was not enough. I stopped digging and then ran to the forest on the far side of the village. I saw a rabbit run past and then it hit me, if the animals were still alive, then there must be water nearby. I ran through the woods, jumping over fallen logs and tripping on branches and twigs. Then I saw the stones from the river, I  have never seen the river bed so dry…

100wc # 22

I sprinted through the colorful bush and ran until the leafy green floor faded in the  old cobblestone path leading to the hut I built 2 years ago. I flung open the heavy wooden door and ran inside. In the corner was my tin washing bucket , the minusclue amount of white power I had added this morning soaked threw the clothes. I ran and filled my bag with clothes ,papers and  enough  food for 5 days. Then I ran to my room, grabbed a blanket and shredded my calendar, the sticky feeling of blood on my hands I ran for my life.