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100 WC week # 23 ( 2 )

Running down the length of golden sand , to meet to the clear white  capped water that rolls onto the sand . I run into the water and dive beath the waves , opening my eyes to a completely shocking sight. Crystal clear water carries light to what I can best describe as the most amazing thing I have ever seen . A large orange octopus glides past on a gentle current , tiny , brightly colored fish dart in and out of what seems to be an old piano possibly from a cruise ship , And then the dolphins came , springing and jumping like newborn calves . 

100wc # 13 ( 22)

I sprint across the ice, fighting to stay upright on the frozen ground , I can’t stop. It would cost my life and that was a price I was not willing to pay. I could hear the dogs baying in the background and the hot breath of Jake   , hot on my heels. I ran to the edge of the cliff and it crumbled  underneath my feet .It all went black . “ What do you think would happen if the ice caps had  completely melted? “ asked Jake. That was something I wasn’t ready to consider. At this moment the ice was my last chance.

100wc # Week 4

I had dug at this bone dry dirt until my knuckles bled, my family and I needed water and the little water we were given daily was not enough. I stopped digging and then ran to the forest on the far side of the village. I saw a rabbit run past and then it hit me, if the animals were still alive, then there must be water nearby. I ran through the woods, jumping over fallen logs and tripping on branches and twigs. Then I saw the stones from the river, I  have never seen the river bed so dry…

100wc # 22

I sprinted through the colorful bush and ran until the leafy green floor faded in the  old cobblestone path leading to the hut I built 2 years ago. I flung open the heavy wooden door and ran inside. In the corner was my tin washing bucket , the minusclue amount of white power I had added this morning soaked threw the clothes. I ran and filled my bag with clothes ,papers and  enough  food for 5 days. Then I ran to my room, grabbed a blanket and shredded my calendar, the sticky feeling of blood on my hands I ran for my life.

Book review !

An Elephant in the Garden is a novel written by Michel Morpurgo  which I read in term 2 and finished yesterday. I really enjoyed the book it’s full of war, adventure and heart warming moments. Its one of those books I would recommend to just about any and everyone. The story is about a  German family who”s father went away to war in WW2 and the family’s journey to the Americans  after escaping the bombing  of Dresden with a young baby elephant called Marlene and finding there father. My favorite character is Marlene because she brings a sense of happiness where ever she goes.

Here is the cover of the book. I have also read some other books by Michel Morpurgo called                                                                             Shadow and Escape from Shangri- La.



This week we went down the the Duntroon Blacksmith and made a lot of different things for our class and the school garden.It was really cool watching the metal heat up and hitting the metal with hammer   and twisting it. It was a lot of fun.


100wc Week # 33 2021

After hours of running through the clover covered paddocks we  walked into what looked like it had been an old abandoned lighthouse. Looking up I could see a winding staircase  clinging to the wall covered in ivy. We started to walk up it. The old  stairs creaked with every step, and soon we reached a hallway. We had  grown  tired and decided to take a rest.I leant against the old stone wall and then suddenly the hallway exploded with light.We then spotted an object in the distance we sprinted down the hallway.At the end of the hallway there was a ….


100wc # W 32 ( 21)

“ You got me wet you idiot !” I steamed at my older brother Josh. It was a warm summer day at our wee lake  and with my parents away in France and my big brother in charge we decided to invite some friends and have a party.” What are you going to do ‘bout it ? “ I held up my water pistol and my friends did the same, the smug look on my brother’s face vanished ,” Fire !” . It was a great war until it ended. We were roasting marshmallows on the fire  then there was a flash of light then darkness, someone screamed ….

Reading,Reading and more reading !

My favorite books are the Hunger Games Trilogy which I got for my 10th birthday and I love them ! There intriguing,have lots of detail and the topic is really interesting. But, what I love about them myself are the charters ;  Katniss  Everdeen, Peta  Mellark , Gale Hawthorne , Haymitch Abernathy,Primrose Everdeen, Finnick Odair and Rue . I would recommend this book to people who like exiting books.



My School Holiday

In the school holiday my family and I did a lot of biking and picnics. My cousins from Christchurch came down for 2 weeks and we when crayfish hunting which is when we go up to the creek that runs through our farm and it’s full of fresh water crayfish. My family went to go to Waimate and we had a yummy lunch at the pub and went roller skating. On the first week of the holidays on Friday we went to Timaru and watched Peter rabbit and went shopping. It was a really fun holiday and a great one to catch up with friends and family .