Benmore Dam

Last week on Thursday, Duntroon school went to Benmore Dam  owned by Meridian Energy. The dam is a perfect example of renewable energy. We went to the dam for a trip we were supposed to do last year but it was delayed because of Covid 19.


Here is a photo of the Penstocks  ( the pipes that the water runs through )

10 interesting facts about me

1.I always wear a scrunchies in my hair 

2.I can’t stand having knotty hair and must brush it 50 times on each side

3.I lie in bed till at least 9 pm 

4.I can’t walk past a tree without climbing it

5.Hate drinking milk by itself

6.Have wash my hair 2 times a week

7.Can’t go in the morning without a hot drink


8.I had white hair when I was younger 

9.I use 1 litre of shampoo and 1 litre of consider

10.I hate cooked pumpkin


Growth mindset

In my opinion having a growth mindset means you are open to learning  and trying new things and having a fixed  mindset means you think you can’t do things and don’t even try.                                                                                                                                                                      I think I’m somewhere in between having a growth mindset and having a fixed mindset,I mean I try most of the time but then sometimes give up and move on.

I think having a growth mindset is pretty important to me. I try to have one but sometimes I fail. An example of me having a growth mindset when I was learning Maori and persevered.

100wc # 20

She whizzed past on her older brother Jordan’s  bike; she was only a year 6 and not allowed a bike until she was a year 8.” Not again “my older brother Tristan  said I was a year 11 and he was year 12 awaiting his ceremony of 12 in December .”They’ll get her this time .” he said “ the elder hates it when she does this, they tie up Jordan’s bike to the pole of shame and hold onto her bike until she’s a year 10 .”  ,” Not if I can help it.” I mutter under my breath.” Evie !” I call “ Stop that  you’ll get caught this time.”

That was summer poem

Remember that time 

When you felt the frustration of learning to water ski

Going up out of the water 

Only to be thrown off by the waves of a passing Jet Ski ?


Remember that time 

When you finally got up 

And swang yourself up over the wake ?


Can you remember the feeling of the wind 

Whipping your hair into your face 

And the water spraying up into your eyes 

But the amazing feeling if triumph

 When you complete your loop ? 


Remember that time

When you flipped on the biscuit 

With Amelia*  and Kenzie * screaming in your ear 

Or the time you almost died 

Because Dad did one of his famous donuts 

( that’s on the boat with a biscuit behind it not the kind you eat )

* check out Kenzie’s blog at or Amelia’s blog at

By Tessa 

Why I’m looking forward to 2021

What I’m looking forward to is the Wheatbix  Tryathion. I’m doing it with my friend Isla check out her blog at , the Trail ride which is a fundraiser for our school  and in week 7 we have tech ant O.I.S. If I’m not mistaken and there are no more lock downs 2021 looks like a AWESOME year .

I didn’t mean to kill her !


Her body lay soaked in the salt water pool. My best friend lay motionless at my feet. I didn’t mean to kill her, it was all my fault.


My name is Ash and my best friend had  disappeared while we were swimming . I just found her dead at our favourite spot near the waves . It was all my fault  because I told her to come out and swim at  the beach with me. Now she is lying here with cuts on her legs and arms, washed up on the sandy beach.


It was only 24 hours ago when we packed our bags and left a note on the kitchen table saying “Out swimming, be back soon”. It  was a hot sunny day so Evie and I went down to the beach . The second we got there we dove into the crystal clear waves and opened our eyes to see a magic world open up to us. Small fish darted in and out of multi coloured reefs and corals occasionally came up and swam beside us .  When we weren’t  swimming or diving off the rocks, we lay in the sand cracking jokes and laughing. 


Just as the sun was starting to set, I said that I was going to go for one more swim. Without me knowing she followed me out. The sea was rough and I had never swum this far out before. It was wonderful seeing everything from under the waves. It was so peaceful until an ear splitting shriek came from above…


I screamed out her name as I treaded water. My throat was dry. I swam back to the beach hoping she would be there. She wasn’t. Guilt took over. I was supposed to take care of her and I failed. I ran home with tears in  my eyes “ Mum !!” I yelled  I saw a piece of paper taped to the table fluttering in the light breeze let in by the open window, the note read “ Out to town be back soon.” I don’t know what happened at that moment but something in me just snapped. I ran to my room, grabbed my bag and stuffed all my belongings into it,then ran to the kitchen to grab a loaf of bread and a knife and left.


After two days  in the forest north of my home ,I had finished my  bread and drank all the water in my flask. I need to go home I thought, as I slowly fell asleep. I was woken by the snap of a twig and shot up , knife bared. The noise came closer and closer, I was  ready to kill whatever it was .Then crashing  through the undergrowth and tumbling in front of me was EVIE !! 

I scooped her up in a  hug,” What, what happened?” I stammered “ I thought you were dead ?” Evie looked at me confused “ Oh you mean that poor girl on the beach ? She was acting. Holly Peers , that’s her name she was practicing for that new movie “Washed Up.”

 I was shocked,  all this time I thought my best friend was dead and she was alive.  I was thinking of sticking my hand through her to check that I wasn’t hallucinating. I was so tired from lack of sleep,” Let’s go home.” I said “I need some sleep.” I said wearily .

Christmas Holidays

I’m really excited about the Christmas holidays because my and I are going to buy a camper van and are going down to the lake and I’m really excited because some of my friends might be coming down and staying with us. I also love the fact that Christmas is coming up yessss !!!!

100 WC

The water he drank was a strange murky color it was all we could have had.We told him to boil it but once again he didn’t listen now he was lying in the corner clutching his stomach.This wasn’t the first time he felt really ill. About two years ago he ate a deadly grub and was vomiting for 5 days ,another time he didn’t cook the   beans and had a fever. This time he was at his worst.The doctor took 2 days to get here but even then he said the Francis might not make it , as he drew what could have been his last breath. 

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