A fun week at school

In the last 10 weeks of term 3 I have done so many fun things such as ; cooking in tuhura  ,doing explanation writing,S.V.A posters,Youthtown and so much more.It was a lot of fun but what I loved the most was cooking in the tuhura . My cousin Amelia ( you can see her blog at https://ameliawills20.edublogs.org/)and I made melting moments and gave them to the different classes .That was lots of fun.

Who is my hero ?

My hero is Sophie Pasco a famous New Zealand swimming champion who has won four gold medals at the Commonwealth Games, nine Paralympic gold medals and is a multiple World Champion.Whenever I swim in races or competitions I think of how one day I might be able to swim her.


100 wc

One day my friend Ava and I made a discovery that changed our lives forever.It was a hot summer day and we were sitting at the edge of the lake at my house.When Ava pushed me in.Suddenly I was falling through dark waters being pulled to the bottom.I saw Ava swimming to me in a second she was beside me shaking me.I was to busy staring at what I thought was a door at the bottom of the lake.I grabbed Ava and showed her the door.I smashed the door but as soon as I touched it  gradually, things started to move…

100 wc

Loud music booming through my headphones as I flick through magazines.Kayaking , video chatting and sleeping in is basically my lock down and a lot of online learning.I was usually reading, outside or sleeping.I usually went out  going for walks and bike rides.One time during level 3 lock down we went kayaking with my cousin .With my cousin Amelia we went to go around the loop and it looked  stunning because the the sand was in perfect waves along the bottom and the water was crystal clear with  beautiful native bush everywhere. We got to do all of that thanks to covid 19.